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Termite Pest Control

Termites Control and treatments to eliminate

No Matter What is your Home or Office we have a termite care for you.

Termites Control and treatments to eliminate

Termites control in BhubaneswarTermites area unit wide thought to be a dangerous blighter to own in your home or business. However, termites become a formidable threat after they invade our room. Termites area unit one amongst the more difficult pests to manage.

Termites aren't get in the open. They like associate degree atmosphere that's dark, wet and guarded, that is what makes them thus exhausting to search out - till it's too late. Do a termites control in bhubaneswar.

Here are some common signs of termites that you just may see (or hear) around your home or business:

Papery or hollow sounding timber

Once termites consume timber, they eat from the within out deed a skinny veneer of timber or paint. after you knock or faucet on a locality that has insect injury, it'll sound hollow or papery owing to elements (or all) of the timber having been devoured away.

Your vacuum goes through the encircling board!

Or your finger presses through a door jam. These are a number of the foremost common things we have a tendency to hear from customers because the initial sign of termites. As termites have devoured away the structural integrity of the timber, like a molding, door jam or architrave, bumps or pressure against them can simply cause injury.

Tight fitting door or exhausting to open window

As termites devour timber, their excretory product or 'mud' creates a protecting atmosphere that traps heat and wet. This causes timber to swell, creating it more durable to open a window or shut a door.

Cracks within the cornice or door jams

As termites eat away the timber in your walls or door jams, it causes a loss in structural integrity and cracks kind. take care jumping to conclusions, though; cracks may even be caused by movements in your home unrelated to termites.

Termite mud

Insects construct 'mud' tunnels to supply themselves with a secure atmosphere to jaunt or shield their food sources. This mudding is commonly exhausting to examine because it are behind your gyprock or underground, however will generally be seen in your home's brick foundations or in architraves.

Termites can be devouring your home

Termites are social insects whitish and live in soil and eat wood. When we see them, usually by breaking a door frame and damaged, breaking a pipe mud wall or ceiling, or lifting a carton soil, they look like grains of rice rushing out. Only in the spring, the appearance of some of them is as if they were aluas or black ants with wings, when in fact it is winged termites.

We could say that the life cycle of termites begins with the nuptial flight at the time of the mature colonies sends males and females players to mate. After making fertilization, both they lose their wings and form new colonies thus becoming the king and queen of the new habitat.

Types of Termites

More than 2,800 species of termites in the world of which only 7% are considered pests associated with economic damage in the human environment are known.

We could refer to at least 3 major groups within which most species has been fighting:

Subterranean Termites:

Termites often attack the wooden elements of a property are Subterranean Termites,  which live in the soil and not wood as is commonly thought. Only go to the cellulosic elements, for collecting food that serve to feed the rest of the colony which is under the floor. Therefore, the King and Queen, directly responsible for the growth of a termite mound, living under the ground, being very difficult to locate.

Damp wood termites:

This group of termites feed on decaying wood as old vines tree, rotting logs and pieces of wood buried. Once established, they can move on to healthy wood structures of buildings.


As its name suggests have their nests within their own food source, in this case, wood without high humidity. In Spain we can refer to two species: Kalotermes flavicollis (Fabricius) and Cryptotermes brevis (Walker), the latter being the most destructive species considered the world of its kind.

How to detect the presence of termites
If you want to have a thorough and accurate knowledge of termite activity within a given property, the presence of an expert on termites can with the help of tools (acoustic and electromagnetic) detection acquire this information is required.

Termites cause serious damage

Termites. When in a house, building or house termite presence is detected, it must intervene to protect, restrain, repel, control the settlement of a colony, since otherwise the consequences can be dire.

The extent of the damage caused by termites are associated with the amount of cellulosic elements easily accessible for them (from the floor used inside technical spaces or inside of walls).

If a property has wooden structural elements, the presence of subterranean termites can culminate with

Treatments to Eliminate Termites

Acute Pest Solutions and Facilities Pvt. Ltd. has a specialized department in the study and control of termites, providing the best guarantee, performing treatments to eliminate termites in full urban centers in Bhubaneswar Odisha, among which are: Granada,  Sevilla, Toledo and Guipuzcoa.

Usually, home remedies that apply to try to combat termites are totally ineffective and produce a dispersion of the pest, because all they get is disturbing termites, changing the place of supply temporarily.

Our treatment system Termite System allows using baits system complete elimination of termite control object. No works, housing eviction or any risk to humans or the environment are required. the collapse of the property, which must be considered as serious these situations and therefore, urgent intervention by a company specializing in treatments to eliminate termites.

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